Crocheted mini skirt using star stitch!

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Today I will share a skirt I made at the end of august 2015. I started to make it right after I had finished another skirt that in contrast to this one took very long time to make. This skirt took only 1 or 2 weeks to complete. I didn’t count the hours during the process but it surely was fast and nice one to make.

The idea came from Pinterest and in the original post it was used as a scarf, shrug and a skirt, so it is very multifunctional thing to make. Luckily I even managed to find this post that inspired me to make it. As usual, I didn’t use this previous pattern as I do not like to read patterns and so I found some charts and a Youtube video to learn it from. Today I also found one other illustrative post explaining this stitch. So there should be enough different resources from where it is possible to learn it and therefore I will not repeat them.

However the main difference in my skirt was that I used corner to corner (c2c) to make the waistline, crocheted it together and then started to make the star stitch part. Just because sometimes when using chains to start the 1st row the calculation might be a bit off but with using c2c you can decide the measurements later and measure it as you go more effectively in my opinion. You can imagine that I made it like a mini scarf that I wrapped around my hips, then connected the ends to make a circle and then started to make the real skirt part. I also added a small cord but at least for me the skirt was tight enough so that I didn’t need to add any extra rubber or anything like that to it.


This is how it looks like on the table, the cord I added can be seen as well.


Close up of the stitch.


The final result!

I was happy with the final result, it is warm and nice and has lasted well. The only problem was that I gained some weight after that and therefore didn’t feel confident enough to wear that kind of mini skirts and dresses as much as I used to but at least I still wear it sometimes.


5 thoughts on “Crocheted mini skirt using star stitch!

    1. Thank you for a positive comment! 🙂 I am glad that it inspired. There are some other skirts posts coming also at some point and those were much more complicated to make, this is why I haven’t written about those yet and also several nice designs I still want to try out that I am very excited about. 🙂

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