Corner to Corner baby blanket

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This was my 1st try on the corner to corner (c2c) baby blanket. After the previous granny square blanket, I was searching for an idea, what should I try next and this pattern was very popular in different Facebook crochet groups back then, so I decided to try to learn it. I remember that the picture from where I learned it, was very foggy but luckily by now there are several great tutorials available, for example this video is shared a lot as a good tutorial.

I started to make this at the end of February 2014 and I finished it on the 9th of April 2014. It was not meant to be that colorful but the story behind this is that I started to make it with blue color and as with the 1st try I succeeded to learn the pattern successfully, I decided to make it as a baby shower gift for my friend. But when I asked about the gender, it came out that she is expecting a baby girl. And this is why I popped in some pink to make it a bit more suitable for a girl.


I started to make it from the blue corner.

I was satisfied with the result, although it is a bit too colorful for my preference but I didn’t want to rip it and luckily the gift recipient liked it also. This pattern is a great pattern, because it is quite fast and the blanket looks the same from both of the sides, so there is no wrong side. There are small holes in the connections but luckily the size of those is nothing compared to the granny square blanket.


The final result.


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