I lost my motivation to crochet


Around two months have passed since I last wrote to here. And it happened to be also the last time during those two months that I crocheted. What happened was that I fully dedicated myself to writing my master’s thesis. I didn’t even have time to celebrate my birthday. By the end of May, the thesis writing was completed but I still needed to prepare for defending my thesis.



Me right after defending my Master’s thesis in materials science.


When that was done, the joint Baltic ALD – Euro CVD conference was getting very close and it was time to complete my poster and to go to Sweden. After that, the graduation, the celebration of Midsummer’s Day and our week long vacation to Germany arrived. Although I had some free moments, I spent it organizing the trip, reading some books and just spending some quality time with family and friends. Although I had my crochet things with me, I really didn’t feel the desire to do something with it. Something similar happened last year for a month but then it was because of totally different reasons. This time I just felt that I want to do something else for a bit. Luckily I have had quite an active holiday. This will probably continue like that as next week will be full of preparing to move and moving and in some weeks there might be some small road trips coming etc. When my motivation returns or we will have a couple of rainy days then I will probably return to here.

A bit about the graduation dress. As I speculated in my previous post, I ended up buying a dress at the last minute. I was not sure that it was not too dark for summer but in the end, it all made sense and I was really happy with that dress. I even found a matching nail polish that I had bought already last winter but that I had never used. I forgot that I had it and I refound it just before the graduation.



Graduation day

That’s all for now. I will not promise weekly posts but as soon as I have something that I’d like to share, then I will return.

I wish you to have a great summer!





2 thoughts on “I lost my motivation to crochet

  1. Hi Helina – you have been so busy and congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished! Glad to see you and that you’re doing well. I’m sure that your hook will be back in your hand eventually. A little break is always nice. 😀


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