My 1st crocheted rug! And my cloth yarn obsession.

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During 2016 and 2017 it as been quite popular, at least in Estonia, to crochet rugs and baskets using T-shirt yarn, cotton cloth yarn or in general cloth yarn. At the beginning the prices I saw seemed to be quite expensive for me and so I joined in a bit late to this trend. But when I did, there was no going back for me.

For me it all started last fall when one small shop that sells rug supplies was opened in Tallinn. It is called Türi Vaip and it is located very close to the place were I spend majority of my weekends. It is very very hard to walk past this shop as they sell cloth yarn for a very reasonable price. Probably the price is so reasonable because those yarns are kind of a rug factory left-overs, that means you might not get the same color later as they might not have it anymore, the width of the yarn sometimes varies a bit etc. But I love this shop nevertheless.


Two of those dark blue ones were used for this rug.

Where can you get some? I found it from also, for example from herehere, here and here. Another way is to cut yours from some old T-shirts and I am sure some craft shops might sell it also but I suggest to keep an eye on the price as this is quite high in many places.

My 1st rug was meant to be much bigger but it ended up being only 89 cm-s (33 inches) by diameter. It was meant to look like that:


Click on the Pinterest link for the better view of the chart. If someone knows the original place/magazine that it is from, let me know in the comments.

But I underestimated the amount of yarn I needed as this was my 1st ever project with cloth yarn. So I decided to make smaller rug instead and use a shell stitch in last two rows.


I used this part of the chart + shell stitch to create my 1st rug.


Small evolution of thoughts. So at 1st I tried different things. Then I found the pattern. On the last picture I understood I have to rip/frog some rows as it was not good enough place to finish this.


The final result.


The final result.

But the bigger version of this rug is in progress also and I have made many pictures of it. So hopefully I might share more proper tutorial/pattern of it. Also this bigger version is very heavy and making some “skeins used” records already. As some of you might know, I do not like to buy yarn if it is not for some specific project. In case of that project I literally had to buy all they had because this rug “eats” yarn and I could not risk with running out of that color again.


8+14 = hopefully finished rug.

But in general this project is going well, I had to postpone it before starting teddy bear and now it is waiting because of graduation dress, but I will finish it, there is no doubt in that as it is so fun to make it.

EDIT: By now this huge crocheted rug is finished and as this time I wrote down the pattern also, it is possible to use the first 8 or so rounds of the pattern to make this rug. The first half of the pattern is located here

Thank you so much for reading!



4 thoughts on “My 1st crocheted rug! And my cloth yarn obsession.

  1. I love this rug Helena! I haven’t used t-shirt yarn yet but I’m going to need to put a project like this on my to do list! I should start saving my husbands old t-shirts – he seems to go through a lot of them! 😀

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I totally forgot to mention the hook sizes, for rug I use 12 mm hook and for baskets I use 8 mm or smaller. I don’t know how the sizes vary in there. The smaller the hook for basket, the better. But it depends a lot of the yarn.

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