‘Maybelle’ Crochet Flower

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As I mentioned in my previous motives post, I am trying to create my graduation dress and for that I have already crocheted and still need to crochet several small flowers. Today I will share another flower pattern that I have used and love a lot. 

The original author of this pattern is A. B. McKenna and she shared this pattern in both USA and UK terms in her blog that is located here. The chart version can be found from here after short scrolling and the same one is on that picture from Pinterest.

I found an huge amount of YouTube videos and in many it was called as just another coaster which makes me sad because if A. B. McKenna was really the original author, it would be nice to give her some credit for her free pattern. But I will list some I found: “Crochet Coaster For Beginners Tutorial”, “Step-by-step crochet coasters” one in Spanishanother one in Spanishone in Portuguese and “how to crochet a coaster displayed below:


I discovered that not all the flowers I have made look the same as it seems that in case of several flowers I have made 3rd row differently. And I think some are made using another hook size by accident. Nevertheless, I will display the ones that are a bit different also.


I have made about 35 of those, here the ones that are not joined together yet are displayed.


Those are made by following the chart. I think the change of the hook size caused the difference.


I am glad that they don’t have to look exactly the same for that dress.

If I am truly honest with you, I find myself losing faith about this dress and the deadline I have given to it on my mind. But only time can tell what is really going to happen in the end. Will I make it or not and will the end result be worth it? Unfortunately there might be a lack of weekly posts in coming months as there is still a huge amount of thesis writing left that needs to be done before the end of May but I will give my best to keep at least some updates or similar posts coming.

Thank you so much for reading!



2 thoughts on “‘Maybelle’ Crochet Flower

  1. Helina these are beautiful! It is sad that someone saw this beautiful lacy flower pattern and called it a basic coaster. 😦 I see this flower and I imagine how it’s going to look in your gorgeous dress, or how it would look worked into a shawl or a fancy tablecloth! It is not a basic coaster! I can’t wait to see your dress and I do hope that you are able to finish it in time! Even if you don’t it will definitely be worth it when you do finish it!! 😀

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