In my post about ruffle scarves I promised to share some alternative ways to use this type of yarn. Today I will share pillow covers I made but there is more different items to come in the future also.

Those pillow covers were made for my mother as a part of her Christmas present (2015) and she also chose the colors. I got the inspiration from this Pinterest post. Those that I made are knit and you can imagine it like a very wide and short scarf as the technique to make it is the same as for making scarves, just the dimensions are different. So this is why I share the same YouTube video tutorial as in the scarves post.

For very many people it reminded moss and I totally understand why they see that but sadly this was not my intention. This was not one of those results that I am proud to share. Nevertheless, in my opinion with some other colors it can be used as a nice way to decorate some pillows.

The final result.

Thank you for your support!



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