2 small motives – Emma’s earring doily and Denise’s Granny heart!

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In today’s post I will share two types of super small but cute doilies that I have crocheted for another bigger project. I will also share references to the original authors and links their patterns and tutorials.  


This is how they look like!

How to make it?

The granny heart is a copyrighted pattern by Denise Plourde and the introductions in picture and pattern form can be found from irishlace.net. Emma crocheted earrings YouTube tutorial can be found from here and the pattern in a written and also chart form can be found from here.

More pictures and the story!

In the coming months there might be more that type of posts about small doilies. The reason for that is one dress in progress. In April 2012 this dress caught my attention. I started to make it while keeping in mind that mine will not look like exactly like that.


Some of them look a bit different.

Sadly after a while at the end of summer of 2013 I gave up on it as with the year my preferences changed and I was not sure if it is worth the massive work. If I could go back in time, I would have avoided the white color and chosen a dress that is less chaotic to make and doesn’t consist of doilies (I don’t like joining those doilies together).


Close-up of the hearts.


So I have only made 6 hearts and 9 round ones.

At the beginning of 2016 when I had just finished another project, I decided that as I had worked on it for quite a long time, to try to finish it but again change the final look as some other nice dresses like thisthat and that popped out. By that time I had already ordered the under-skirt for the dress. So the shape of the dress will probably stay as it was on the one that inspired me in 2012. But the way to attach the doilies might be a variation of all those 3.

I am planning to finish it by the middle of June. I am not totally sure that I will complete it on time for the graduation. It is always the possibility that I run out of time and end up buying something in the last minute. Writing my thesis is and will continue to be my 1st priority but during my small breaks I can work on it slowly step by step.


A small hint of doilies to come. Here the doilies I have made up until last week can be seen.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you will have a wonderful week ahead!



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