Huge crocheted teddy bear! Part 3!

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The 1st part is located here and the 2nd part is here! In this post I will share more pictures and write about everything that I felt like still needs to be shared.


The variety of reactions

The feedback has been mainly positive. When the gift was handed over to my young 2-year-old relative, he hugged it (because he felt like doing so) and I think this reaction was more than I had ever hoped for. I think it is safe to say he liked his gift.

It seemed to be a bit hard to believe for many people from the handicraft groups and elsewhere that this teddy bear is fully crocheted. Some had thought that only the ears and the face is crocheted. I can’t see the reason why somebody would do this but in the other hand this realistic look was intended. So I guess the fact that they couldn’t believe it can be taken as a compliment. Luckily the previous blog post could be shared as the proof that I really crocheted it from start to finish.

Another reaction I received was that “it is so huge and soft”. Some friends knew that I was making it. They even saw some in progress pictures of it as I asked for an advice in the form of “does this look okay” etc. But it was funny to discover that as soon as some friends and family members saw it in real life, they were surprised that it was so huge. This happened because it didn’t look that massive on the picture. That type of sincere emotions and reactions is why I do this. I like to see the pure happiness, surprise and astonishment in their eyes.


Those photos are taken on Thursday evening after the moment when my course mate discovered that he is much bigger than she had thought.

But sadly there is no positivity without negativity as I have also received quite a lot of criticism. I have been told that the bear has no nose, that the nose should have been black or look different. I have been told that the eyes doesn’t suit well etc. I think as much as there is different persons with personal preferences, there is also the same amount of different opinions. I agree that the face is a bit too light but I didn’t want to go and get yet another skein of yarn for such a small part and so I used the best solution from those possibilities that I had left at home. I think black would have been too dark but dark brown might have been perfect. The best fit might have been ordering proper toy noses from eBay, maybe next time.

My thoughts and emotions

As I mentioned before, at the beginning I was afraid that the result will not be realistic and cute enough but in the end I was very satisfied with the result and even more than so. It was one of the most complicated items I have crocheted and it was made without any pattern. When I started to make it, I didn’t dare to dream big as seen from the picture below. There is a small dog next to my teddy bear. At the beginning I thought that if I can manage to make the bear in the size of that dog, then this is already quite good result. But once again I crossed the expectations I had for it. I was in a very hurry at the end as the picture above is made only 2 days before I had to finish it but I made it and I am proud of it.


At the beginning I planned the bear to be at the same size with that dog. On the right picture the 1st car drive for the completed teddy bear is captured.

As soon as the bear was finished I started to take a lot of pictures for memory. Also we “taught” some stuff to him and just had some fun during our last evening in his company.


Bear listening some good music and chilling on a couch.


He still has to practice making selfies

At the beginning I thought that this will be the last teddy bear I ever make as it was not an easy project to complete and the yarn was pretty tricky to work with. But as I got closer to the end I personally and also some close family members started to wish to own that kind of bear. Teddy bear that is huge, soft and made with a heart. So I might do it again at some point, but not in a coming months. But this teddy bear will always be the 1st teddy bear that I ever crocheted and I hope my small relative will appreciate it as he gets older also.

Thank you so much for reading, if you made it so far!




8 thoughts on “Huge crocheted teddy bear! Part 3!

  1. Why on Earth would anyone have anything negative to say at all about that huge adorable squishy bear!! In the picture at the top of the post it was his eyes that I first noticed looking at me like he was thinking “I want a hug”! If anyone had anything negative to say it was because they could certainly never make something as adorable as this bear! I love every stitch of him!!! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! I never understand why people leave comments in a rude way. I understand that constructive criticism is a thing but there is always a nicer way to say those things than just “he has no nose!” I can’t deny that it hurt but I try to be over it. But thank you for your warm comment! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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