Huge crocheted teddy bear! Part 2

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Part one is located here!

It all started with a paw and a leg!

I started to crochet the leg from the bottom and at the beginning I added enough stitches for it to look like a flat circle. After that I just stopped adding extra stitches and it curved just as needed. Then I continued without adding or decreasing any stitches until I thought it was big enough. Little did I know it came out too short and wide, so later when I already had filled the body with wadding, I ended up adding some rows and changed the shape to be more suitable for attaching to the body.

mõmmi Hendrile2

1st picture – this is how it started; 2nd picture – when I thought it is big enough; 3rd picture – added some more rows; 4th picture – the shape I went for can be seen, those are still empty legs at that point.


The legs are filled and ready to be attached!

Crocheting and filling the body!

For crocheting the body I followed the same plan. I started from the bottom with a circle that was a bit bigger this time. Then I stopped increasing it for a while and after some rows I added some stitches to make it look like a nice oval and not like a cylinder by shape. And when I thought I am on a half way, I started to decrease it slowly (small frequency). At that point the body was that huge that it suited as a hat as well. For the filling I left the opening to the top part of the body and at that moment when I filled it, I started to understand that the result might be much bigger than I had planned.

mõmmi Hendrile3

The body while decreasing and when finished, it is not filled yet.

Crocheting the head and connecting it to the body

The head was again just another oval by its shape. This time I started to make it from the front as a circle. It was the biggest circle during this project. After a while I stopped increasing again for some rows, until it looked like a bowl and then decreased it with very frequent decreasing stitches. This time the hole for the filling was located behind the head and it was there until the very end. When the head was almost ready, I sewed it onto the body. At that point I made a mistake worth mentioning. The area connected with the body was too small. When I shook the body, the head swayed/rocked too much, so sewed it again, but this time the neck part was much wider to give the needed support for the head.

mõmmi Hendrile4

The head attached to the body from the front, back and a side-view. This was after the 1st try and it was not totally filled yet.

The dilemma with the face

For quite a while I didn’t know what to do with the face/snout. I tried to use the same yarn but it didn’t look nice. In the end with the help of those people that worked at the handicraft shop I visited, we found very nice yarn to use, it felt so good to work with. I started again with a circle, increasing it as much as it felt right to increase so that it would not be totally flat and I could add some wadding inside later. Then I embroidered the nose and a smile to it. I later ended up fixing it a bit as the nose was not totally symmetrical. When I started to sew it onto the head, I sewed the sides to the behind like seen on the picture to make it symmetrical and easier to attach.


This is how the face improved and how I fixed some mistakes I had made during the process.

The secret of those ears

The base of the ears is very similar to the smaller legs. At the beginning it was again just a circle. At some point I stopped the increasing. When it seemed to be on the proper size I folded it flat and sewed a semicircle shaped part on top of it. Later I added some more rows to the sides so that the ear itself would also look totally straight from the bottom. That way I found it to be easier to attach it onto head. Sadly I forgot to take pictures after that step but with the light blue line and triangle I try to illustrate it on the photo.

mõmmi Hendrile5joonega

1st – The ear from the inside; 2nd – folded flat and the semicircle shaped part is added; 3rd – the ear from the front side, later I added some rows to the sides so that the bottom part of the ear would be totally straight. 4th – the ear form the back .

The struggle with the eyes

In the 1st part blog post I already mentioned the struggle with the eyes. They were still a bit small. So I crocheted a small circle around it. I tried different variations – black circle and white, wider with 3 or 4 rows and smaller and in the end in my opinion this worked out to be the best.


The small circle I added to the eyes to make it suit more with the head.


It started again as just a circle at the beginning and then the increasing was stopped. After some rows I started to decrease. So it can be seen that for almost everything I used the same technique, just the size of the circle and the frequency for increasing and decreasing was different.

Finishing up, attaching everything together

By that step I had only attached the head onto the body and everything else was still waiting to be attached. I started with attaching hands. I didn’t enjoy that attaching together part at all. Only positive side was seeing the result coming together.

mõmmi Hendrile6

On the left one some mistakes were made, too low! On the right the hands were finally attached somewhat symmetrically.

The ears were the next thing that I attached. It took me hours to get it done and do be satisfied with the result. Then the dark red ribbon was added. I chose between brown, white, light blue, light pink and that one. I sewed it to there as strongly as I could as I kept in mind that it will be a gift for a child, that means it has to last.

mõmmi Hendrile7

The ears and the ribbon are now attached.

Up next was the face and the legs. With both I didn’t succeed on the 1st try. The key to success is to check from the distance that all stays as wished after some amount of stitches as after some stitches I sometimes moved something from its place by accident and if I didn’t notice it on time, I was in a trouble. But with practice things started to go more smoothly.


1st – the face is attached but it is not symmetrical; 2nd – I fixed that very carefully; 3rd – the legs are finally attached.

And now the teddy bear is only missing its eyes and has a hole in his head. Those were the last things to solve.


After the eyes were added the only thing left was to close the hole inside its head.

And so my 1st teddy bear was complete. It was 60+ cm by length and the width from one end of the hand to another was 40 cm. As this post is already quite long, I decided to share more pictures mainly of the final result and my final comments and suggestions in the 3rd and final blog post in that series. Hopefully that will be much shorter and hopefully will also be finished by tonight or tomorrow evening the latest.

To be continued…

The 3rd part is now available in here!


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