Huge crocheted teddy bear! Part 1

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This time my weekly post will be posted a day earlier as today I will share one very exciting project and I just couldn’t wait any longer to share it! My 1st crocheted teddy bear! This was my 1st ever try on crocheting animals and while during the process I was very worried about the final result, in the end the result was very realistic. In fact so realistic that I had to emphasize that it is self-made from start to finish. Although it was not perfect either, I fell in love with the cuteness and I was not the only one. It was emotionally the hardest gift to give away. And as this is something very freshly off the hook, there is a lot to share and explain. This is why I divided the whole story into at least two (probably 3) parts. the 2nd part will arrive as soon as possible but hopefully not later than tomorrow evening. And I have to warn that the posts might be longer and in more detail than usually.


The final result! I am so happy and in the other hand very nervous to share it!

How long did it take to make it?

I started to make it on the 11th of February 2017 and I finished it yesterday on the 18th of March 2017, so it took about 5 weeks to make. The deadline was today as it was made as a birthday gift for my young 2 year old relative. On some days I spent several hours on it, especially during previous weekend and this week. And on some other days I spent only a hour or less on it.  As it is not my main job, I crocheted it in the evenings and a lot of it was made during a 2 hour long train ride that I usually take twice a week. So I cannot give the exact number in hours but I really wish I could because as the yarn was very thin it felt like it took ages to make some parts of it. But it was funny to get some interesting looks during the train ride, especially from the kids. On Friday one kid asked very loudly from his mother, what does this girl do etc?

What type of yarn did I use to make it? What else did I use?

I personally think that the secret of the cuteness is the yarn I used. It might not be the highest quality for blankets and clothes, but for toys I think it suits perfectly as it is furry, it is soft, the color is nice and it was told that it is safe for children. The yarn I used is Alize decofur, I used 9 or 10 skeins of it and I used the size 3.5 mm crochet hook. For the ears and snout I used a higher quality Contessa Light Mohair yarn (less than 1 skein) doubly. For sewing the parts together and also for face I used the gray and beige color from Katia amigurumi kit. I bought this last summer for another project and I was very happy to find the use for those colors, although darker brown might have been better color to use.

For the filling I used cotton batting/wadding and from those two bags seen on the picture, I used almost all of it. The ribbon is from here. And the eyes were blue at the beginning but the blue didn’t suit and also those were a bit small for this bear, so I removed the blue part with the nail polish remover and painted it black using black nail polish. I think it saved the look, although someone told to me that it looked cuter before I added the eyes, that hurt.

mõmmi Hendrile

Here the yarn and the filling, also the eyes transformation from blue to black can be seen.

Do I have a pattern to share?

Unfortunately I did not follow any patterns as I don’t like to follow patterns and I don’t buy patterns I might not use at all. But in my opinion any teddy bear pattern can be used for that if adjusted by the size. As I told before, the yarn used is the key in here. Nevertheless I will share some cute teddy bear patterns. Here is one with a YouTube tutorial and written pattern, my friend used it and I got the link from her. At the beginning I planned to follow it but things went differently. The downside is that it is much smaller, but it is still cute and perfect to follow. Here is one that inspired me, it is called world’s softest teddy bear. It is cute and it looks same by the size but sadly it is not free. I am really sorry I do not have an exact pattern to share as I know for many it is very important but I hope that nevertheless those posts inspire you and maybe my picture by picture explanation helps someone also! Maybe next time I will try to record every step I make, although during a train ride and so, it might be a bit weird. Also it will not happen any time soon. So I am sorry for that.

To be continued …

The 2nd part is now available in here!



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    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment! I hope it also because his father gifted me a toy also when I was a child and I still remember it and remind it sometimes and this was what I intended with that gift also. I wanted it to be something he can associate with me and hopefully he will love it as much as I do.

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