Gift idea! DIY! Bottle decoration that looks like a pineapple!

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Today’s blogpost is a bit different as it is not related to crochet or knitting, it involves a lot of hot gluing and cutting. The idea originates from Pinterest and in total we have made 4 of those with my friends and boyfriend. Two of those were birthday gifts and 2 for Christmas. A picture of the source of inspiration:


This inspired us.

I have pictures of only 3 final results. For all 4 the base was a bottle of champagne and for 3 bottles we used Werther’s Original candy that can be seen on the next picture. For the top part we used crepe paper. It is worth mentioning that we ran out of candy and we got only one bottle completed with those 7 packs of candy (if I remember correctly, maybe we ran out of it on the 1st bottle also). So friends went to get more but the store had ran out of that type of candy and we had to find something to substitute this with. As I personally prefered the Werther’s Original candy because of the golden color, for the next two we collected enough of it. The cord used was from friend’s home and for gluing we used a hot glue gun.


After the 1st shopping tour. We ran out of candies but there was enough crepe paper for all 4 of those.


Got some extra candy,  finished the gluing part and started to cut out the leaves.


It was a challenge to make the leaves to look realistic. As we didn’t use glue in there, some extra hands were needed.


Collage that I posted to social media. The thing inside foil is a disc-golf disc and inside the pink thing there were some bath bombs – this was our way to increase the value of the gift.


There were some candies left after that!


Close-up of the other type of candy.


This is one of those two that were a part of the Christmas present.

This time there was a lot of pictures to share. Although those gifts are more decorative than practical, it was great to do those together with friends. Gift recipients told that those are too beautiful to eat/drink/break but they seemed to enjoy those.

I wish you to have a great week ahead!



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