Another doily, this time a huge one!

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Monday has arrived and this week I decided to continue with the crochet doily theme and share the biggest doily I have made until now. It was a gift I made in fall 2015. The gift recipient chose the design and at the beginning I only had one low quality picture of a doily someone had made (too low quality if you intend to read the pattern form the final result). I didn’t have any pattern/chart at that point. But I thought that I am experienced enough to make it without pattern and so I started. When I had done about 10 rows I managed to find the pattern! I was really happy for that and because I had made some mistakes, I fogged/ripped a huge part of what I had done and the rest of the work was made using the chart that I found. It was from the magazine Filethäkeln nr 6 and the chart is here. Just in case it will get deleted, I will post it to here also, but I think the details in here might not be as good as needed. 

Filethäkeln Nr. 60004

From the magazine Filethäkeln nr 6

The final result is about 50 cm (19.69 inches) in diameter. I recall that somewhere around the last rows one row took about 1.5 hours to make. So, it was a massive and time-consuming project.


Starching in progress in a collage form.





tumedamal taustal-001

The final result on a darker background!

This is another example of how pineapple stitch can be used. In the last week’s shawl post the pineapple stitch was also used and it will not be the last time you will see me using it. Although it was time-consuming, I think the result is beautiful and worth the hard work. The chart was easily understandable and I think it is something I might make again at some point for my own home also.

Thank you for your time!



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