Some doilies!

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Monday has arrived and this previous weekend has been very successful and productive in many other fields, this is why today the post is a bit shorter and easier and is about one simple type of doily I made in February last year. In fact I just discovered that the pictures of the final result were taken on the 28th of February 2016, so almost exactly a year ago. 

This time I only have this pattern in a chart form and I am pretty sure I didn’t find it from Pinterest originally but today I couldn’t find the original source, so the Pinterest link for the chart is here.



Starching (I hope it is the right word) in progress.


The final result.


And the result in a collage form.

Don’t mind the other doilies on those pictures, they are for another huge project and I will talk about those and share patterns in another post. That another project was the reason why I decided to create this blog, so there is something very massive coming soon.

Thank you for your time!



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