Some of the bracelets I have made…

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Today I will share a lot of pictures of the bracelets I have made during recent months. They were mainly gifts or something for myself. I had all those chains and things to connect the chains with but I decided to use special silicon rubber instead. Because at least for me there is a higher probability to wear it when it is very easy to get it around my hand without extra help but I understand that it might not look as fancy as when the chains are used. For some bracelets I used 3 rounds of thin rubber and for the majority I used one round of very thick and strong rubber, although they seem to look very similar on the picture they also stretched differently. In some cases I added a small ribbon to hide the place where the knot is located.


Those were the different types of rubbers I used.


The 1st two bracelets.  This is how it began.


The next four. Yes, it is the 3rd blue one already.


3 more. Sorry for the picture quality.


Another 4. I have made many more using those colors and I still have a bunch of it left.


8 more and one necklace. Here the pink one is pink quartz. And the purple was told to be amethyst.


Writing this post motivated me to make 2 more. This was told to be blue quartz.


And here is something dark purple and quite heavy.

And as writing this post motivated me to create two previous ones, it also motivated me to sort my things out. So I sorted a bit and checked what do I still have left and the result can be seen from the last picture. As I still have a lot of the same or similar but also new and unused material left, there might be similar blog posts coming in the future.


I decided to check how much of it I still have left and this is what I found.


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