Ruffle scarves! Better late than never…

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I joined in a bit late to the ruffle scarf theme. When I finally learned how to make those in the autumn of 2015,  it was not that popular anymore in here, in Estonia. In fact, the yarn was and still is available for a very cheap price because the shops wanted and still want to get rid of it.

My mother had bought this type of special yarn several years before that but I hesitated because it seemed complicated to use. Until one weekend when I was visiting my parents and I ended up finishing the project that I had taken with me for the weekend. So I was in a need to do some handicraft and decided to give it a try. I decided to knit those and learned it by watching a YouTube video (The Crochet Crowd one is here), but it is totally possible to crochet those also, as I found one nice tutorial and a video about it.


An example of the yarn I used.

On the 4th of October 2015 I finished my first two ruffle scarves that were for myself and for my mother. It was not hard at all and they were not my last ones.


My 1st ones.

As I post my projects to my personal Facebook, some people liked what they saw and so I got my 1st ever orders as one co-worker wished a scarf for her wife (grey) and my course mate for his girlfriend (pink). I also made 2 or more red ones. One was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend’s mother and another for a friend.


1st ever orders.

Months went by, I understood that it is not as popular anymore as I thought. Because when I posted the previous picture to an Estonian handicraft Facebook group I got 0 likes and comments, that was the 1st time this happened to me. I had a lot of yarn collected by that time and after that I was trying to find alternative ways to use it but about that I will write in another post.

But luckily international Facebook groups were still reacting and giving feedback to those and I even got my 1st (and by now last) international order from a woman who lives in the UK. She ordered it for her mother-in-law, who lives in Paris. And the other one was a gift for my boss and supervisor.


A gift and my 1st ever international order.

The next scarf was for a friend who lives in Germany and who I met thanks to Erasmus, when she was an exchange student in Estonia.


Testing out different colors.

And here is the last one that I made. I didn’t manage to take that nice picture of it as I was in a hurry. It was a gift again. So in total I think I made at least 10 scarves and I used 8 different colors. On the other picture there are some of the yarns I bought during this time. I didn’t feel like checking how much of it I still have left today but I know that there is too much of it. But as I told before, I found some other ways to use it and I will write about it in another post.


Some of the yarn I collected during this period (left). Don’t mind the marks. And the last scarf I have made by now (right).


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