Last minute gift idea for the Valentine’s day!


As the Valentine’s day is coming, today I will share one gift I made for my boyfriend for Valentine’s day in 2015 with a quite short time period. He was conscripted back then for 11 months and we saw each other sometimes for the weekends, sometimes not, so I had some time to work on it without losing the surprise moment.

He had gifted me a big teddy bear for Christmas that I was and still am very thankful for. And so I decided to continue with the teddy bear theme. I had a small teddy bear that I had bought a long time ago for another gift that I didn’t end up using and it was still in a package. But as usual, I didn’t just want to give him a teddy bear but to add something to it. So I ended up crocheting a bag using corner to corner stitch and inside this bag I put a huge amount of heart shaped note papers on what I wrote small positive memories, nice sayings and positive stories from our relationship. Sadly, I don’t have a picture from those papers with notes, but you can imagine it. Maybe when I will visit him, I will take a picture of it and edit it to here later.


So the bag is made at 1st as a rectangle shaped corner to corner, then crocheted together from the sides and as there already are a holes in the bag, it was very easy to add a ribbon that was also crocheted. The most time-consuming part was cutting out the heart shaped paper notes and writing on those. Of course if the teddy bear will be crocheted also, then it will take a bit longer to make.


Bag closed (up) and opened (bottom).



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