Corner to corner baby blanket for a boy

Blankets, Handicraft

Yesterday I shared a story behind my 1st corner to corner (c2c) baby blanket that was for a girl and the pros and cons of this pattern. Here is one good video tutorial on c2c that I shared.

Today I will share the 2nd blanket I made using this pattern and this one was for my uncle’s 1st child. I started to make it at the beginning of 2015 and finished it on the 4th of March 2015. The baby boy was born in 18th of March 2015, so luckily I was not late with finishing it. This time I knew the gender in advance and I chose the colors carefully. As blue is my favorite color, I really enjoyed the process. I was the 1st visitor in the hospital and I was very happy because of that and the parents were happy for the gift.


In progress…


More detailed photo.


The final result! The light from the room changes the colors a bit.


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