Granny square blanket


Today I will share my 1st granny square blanket I made a while ago and a story behind it. I started to make it on the 28th December 2013 and finished on the 12th February 2014. For me, this project was something that helped me to discover crochet as a great hobby and this is why I decided to start my blog with that blanket, although I had learned to crochet a long time ago.

I decided to make this blanket as I needed a gift for my boyfriend as I am that type of person, who usually goes overboard with making gifts instead of finding something from the shop at the last minute.


So it began…

I started to make it without a certain plan, I just tried to learn how to make a granny square but as the 1st rows were finished very quickly, I thought it might be manageable to finish this by the 13th of February (his birthday). I tried to choose the colors that would suit for a male and I just hoped that the gift recipient would appreciate it. During the process I ran out of yarn that I had bought a long time ago and I had no idea where to get it. Luckily, after some research I found a shop that sold it.


Work in progress…

This blanket was completed during the exam season, I took it with me even to the library where during the breaks I worked on it. In reality, this exam season was one of the hardest ones for me because of the complicated subjects and also because destiny had other plans and the last half of the exam season our family was in grief. Looking back it seems pretty crazy that despite of everything I still worked a lot on this gift. But the exams were still a priority and I think this might be the moment when I understood that this is something that helps me to calm down even when things doesn’t go as planned.

And as the exams were the priority, I didn’t manage to make it as big as I had planned. I had hoped this to be with the size of a queen size bed, although it was not meant to be a bedspread, but a blanket to use during watching TV or movies. So it was not that necessary to make it as big but the sad part is that I still haven’t used the left-over yarn that I had bought for this blanket but didn’t end up using because of the time-limit.


The final result.

For those, who are interested in this pattern, then in here is a video tutorial and as I prefer charts, here is a chart and another tutorial.

Looking back, I regret one thing. Although it is a very fast way to make a blanket compared to some other patterns, the holes are big enough to let some cold air through and this is why I do not suggest to make a blanket using that pattern. But many other beautiful things can be made using it. One way to get rid of the negative influence of those holes, is to use some kind of fabric on the other side but I didn’t try it with this one.


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